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Pixar in Concert

Sometimes those who live out west don’t realize how good they have it. Take this concert where, for the first time ever, Pixar will present a compilation of the music and imagery from Pixar’s thirteen feature films, performed by a full symphony orchestra. Of course, its only playing in San Francisco and Hollywood.

Saturday, July 28
Sunday, July 29

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 8:00PM (Weekend Spectaculars)
Sunday, August 5, 2012, 8:00PM (Sunday Sunset Concerts)

Wish I could be there. Anyone out there already have tickets?

8 thoughts on “Pixar in Concert”

  1. I’m going in San Fran, with John Lasseter opening the show. Check out my Twitter for a review / updates: @graymccarty

  2. We will be at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, August 3rd to see it. We wouldn’t miss Pixar in Concert for nothing in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, Hollywood Bowl is such an awesome venue. We can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just got home from the first of the Hollywood Bowl shows. It was awesome. John Lasseter gave fun little chats between selections. It must have been a big deal for him cause he wore a suit. Right after the bit from Up you could hear half the audience snifflng. Would not be surprised to find they decide to take the show on the road. They are probably using SF and LA to work out any bugs.

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