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Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Preview

ABC’s Once Upon A Time was a definite success story for ABC last year. The show’s Comic-Con panel thanked their fans and promised that season two would weave an even better spell over the audience. Here’s the season 2 preview:

Looks like someone new is in town.

Fans of the show will also enjoy this compilation of all the opening titles for the show. Watch closely for clues as to what is yet to come:

Okay Fans. It’s confession time. I’ve never seen an episode of Once Upon A Time. So please use the comments to convince me why I should start now.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Preview”

  1. Ok, here you go:

    1) The acting is spot on consistently. I really can’t think of any weak acting in the show.
    2) This is the best interpretation of the characters I think I have ever seen.
    3) All of the characters are strong and capable. If someone needs to be rescued it’s because they are honestly over their head.
    4) They do a very good job of giving all the characters their own spotlihght. You don’t really get the feeling of “I wish such and such had more screen time.”
    5) Robert Carlyle
    6) Plot consistency.
    7) It feels like the actors are actually invested in their characters and not just working for a paycheck, so you invest in them too.

    That’s all I can think of right now. If I come up with more reasons, I’ll let you know.

  2. The reason you have to watch it is because you will understand why fairy tales are so important to disney.

    I know, it might be a twist of fairy tales and not quite visual-appealing as movies like alice in wonderland but it really tells you why fairy tales are amazing, and why disney and even other companies are trying to make movies based on fairy tales.

    btw, im a guy who had NEVER watched any TV series, until I started watching Once Upon a Time. It’s that amazing, trust me.

  3. Definitely worthwhile. This is from the creators of Lost, so they end every episode in suspense so you want to watch the next episode.

    Their own twist on Fairy Tales definitely takes a departure from the traditional Disney style, but it makes for an interesting story line.

    I think the show is done very well.

  4. Basically what everyone else has said plus the writing is excellent. Part of what’s so great about it is to speculate on what is going to happen, or hear/see things and think “oohh” and connect the dots. There is so much foreshadowing and clues.

  5. Awesome show, if you haven’t watched the first season you are missing out. I do not think I have ever been so excited for a season 2 of any show.

  6. Because the plot has so much to it. Sometimes you need to remember something from five episodes ago to make sense of everything. It’s wonderful really. And some characters you thought were gone, come back. And the best thing about it is it makes you want more. And all the other things people said.

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