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2012 Disney Hallmark Ornament Preview

A couple years back, I finally gave in and started collecting Hallmark ornaments. In addition to the expected assortment of Santas, snowmen, and wintery scenes, they also do quite a bit of licensed products, including multiple Disney ornaments every year. Being the DisNerd that I am, those are a huge part of what I buy.

This weekend is Ornament Premier, when over half of Hallmark’s new ornament line for the year first appears in stores. And while some of you may be thinking it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas, Hallmark ornaments fans like yours truly will be visiting Hallmark stores all over the country to get our first look at the ornaments for the year and make purchases.

Limited Edition Ornaments

One reason Hallmark collectors rush in are the limited edition ornaments that are available that day. Some wind up being more sought after than others. Last year, a Harry Potter limited edition ornament sold out within hours, although that is a rarity. Still, if you are interested in a limited piece, I recommend going sooner rather than later.

This July there are two limited edition ornaments that Disney fans might find interesting. Both compliment on-going series of Hallmark ornaments. The first is a Precious Moments version of Rupunzel. And yes, it also includes Pascal.

The second Disney limited edition ornament is Traffic Trouble. A black/white/gray ornament, it features Mickey in a car inspired by the classic Black and White cartoon of the same name.

Series – Official and Otherwise

Hallmark has many on going series ornaments. Each year, there is a new addition, and each ornament revolves around a certain theme.

The longest running Disney series right now is centered on the 1984 film Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The 2012 edition features Jiminy Cricket as Ghost of Christmas Past.

Previous years have featured Mickey as Bob Cratchit, Scrooge McDuck as Scrooge, and Goofy as Marley. This year’s ornament is different because you can stick a Christmas tree light in the back for an option light effect, something the others haven’t done. I’m betting it makes the candle light up, but since I haven’t seen the ornaments in person yet, I don’t know for sure.

In its second year we have the Disney/Pixar Legends series. This year features Sulley and Boo in her monster costume from Monsters, Inc. I love this one and can’t wait to get it.

They are starting the Mickey’s Movie Mousterpiece series this year. Each one will feature Mickey from one of his classic shorts. Up first is Magician Mickey. They’ve promised that future editions might be in black and white depending on the short that inspires the piece, although I would bet they’d go the limited edition “Traffic Trouble” way like they did this year.

Finally in this section, I want to mention the Precious Moments Mary Poppins ornament. While not an official series, they have done most if not all of the princesses as Precious Moments ornaments in the last few years. It’s what collectors call an unofficial series. This is the first non-princess they’ve done, and the first time Hallmark has done Mary Poppins in any form.

Mickey, Princesses, Tinkerbell, Pooh

You can pretty much count on several ornaments each year that center around Mickey and Minnie, the Princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell. Actually, I was surprised to learn that the rest of the Fab 5 weren’t part of the regular line this year, and they only have two Princesses. Still, in addition to the Mickeys I’ve already mentioned, you can get him playing Jingle Bells for Minnie in “A Merry Serenade.” This ornament uses batteries and actually plays the song. Minnie also gets her own ornament with “Tangled up in Fun” as she tries to get out of the mess made by her dog and her leash.

Rapunzel and Cinderella are the princesses who get their own ornaments this year. Rapunzel’s features her lifting a lantern into the air, while Cinderella has her in her ball gown with Gus on her hands. There is also a “Princess Tiara” this year, which features pictures of Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel.

Tinkerbell gets two ornaments this year. In one, she’s peaking around some leaves like she did in Peter Pan. In the second, she’s on a journal page that features some of her fairy friends on the pages.

Love Pooh disguised as a bee? There’s an ornament like that this year. Personally, I like Pooh and his “Pooh-koo Clock” and “Bouncing Through the Snow” which features Tigger and Roo.


Every year, we get more ornaments inspired by Pixar classics as well. With the release of Brave this year, there’s an ornament featuring Merida. She’s holding a bow bringing it up to shoot.

Toy Story and Cars are very popular still for Hallmark ornaments. This year, we get Mater as “Air Mater” from the Cars Toons series of shorts and “Woody’s Roundup Guitar,” which features the catchy theme song from that show thanks to the magic of batteries.

More Disney Animation

While Hallmark tends to overdo some characters, there are others they rarely do. This year, there are two such ornaments, and I love both of them. Going back to 1937, there’s “A Very Merry Christmas Tree.” As you can see, it features Dopey and Grumpy making a Christmas tree. I just love this one.

Also this year, we get “The Circle of Life,” which captures that iconic moment from The Lion King. And yes, that’s complete with sound.

Other Disney Properties

Several of the franchises Disney has bought over the years also make appearances in Hallmark’s ornament line. They’ve been doing an unofficial series based on the Muppets for several years now. This year, we get Fozzie Bear. Each ornament in this series features several lines from the character in the TV show, so that adds to the fun of the pieces. I have a feeling that Fozzie and his stand up will be pretty popular this year.

Hallmark took a big gamble on The Avengers this year, and I think it will pay off well. They are releasing three ornaments based on the movie this year. Thor and Iron Man are available now, while Captain America will come out in October. You can hang the ornaments on the tree separately, or you can use the included base to assemble the ornaments together into a single display piece.

Fab 5 Continuity Series

Earlier, I mentioned that Hallmark hadn’t included the Fab 5 in their regular line this year. But they are still making appearances. Each year, Hallmark releases what they call a Continuity Series. Over the course of several months, they release usually five ornaments, and that’s how Mickey and friend are appearing this year. Starting on Saturday, you can pick up Mickey and Pluto. Donald comes out September 8th, Goofy follows on October 6th, and Minnie rounds things out on November 2nd. You can hang them separately or attach them to create one long toboggan pulled by Pluto.

There are a few I didn’t highlight here (although not that many), and a few more coming out in October.

I encourage you to stop by your local Hallmark and see what you think of the Disney ornaments this year. You might just find one (or more) coming home with you. I always wind up with more than I intend.

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  1. Any ideas on what the Disney Pixar Legends hallmark ornament will be for 2013? I’m collecting the series… And I’m really anxious to find out! I love Pixar and plan on purchasing Merida!

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