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Local TV Station Goes Behind The Walls of New Fantasyland

Local news station, and NBC affiliate, WESH TV, was taken behind the walls of New Fantasyland with some of the best footage I’ve seen yet. There are two great videos on the website: One focused on costumes and another with some long looks at the New Fantasyland Construction. The slide show is great too, but lacks captions. So here’s a look at what you’re seeing in those twelve photos:

1 – A slightly different angle of Beast’s Castle than what we can see from current areas of Fantasyland.

2 – A side view of Maurice’s cottage where StoryTime with Belle will be housed. Look at how much landscaping is in already. Usually a sign that soft openings will start soon.

3 – One of the entrances into New Fantasyland through the new wall.

4 – One one bridge looking back at another bridge. The bridge in the back leads to the entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

5 – The same bridge leading toward Gaston’s Tavern and Belle’s Village. That’s Prince Eric’s Castle on the right, and directly to your right will be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.

6 – Inside one of the show buildings for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster. The brown supports will support the coaster tracks, everything else is infrastructure or building.

7 – A welder working on the coaster show building

8 – Near the entrance to the queue for Under The Sea – Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

9 – One of the many waterfalls that will adorn the rock work that hides the queue for The Little Mermaid attraction

10 – Concept art for the attraction.

11 – A shot of the costumes in New Fantasyland. As many elements as possible are taken directly from the movies.

12 – Themed to be the book store from Belle’s Village, this will actually sell little curious and souvenirs.

The Orlando Sentinel also has some photos from the same tour, but you probably need a subscription to view them, so I won’t provide a link.

It really does look like parts of the Fairytale Forest section will be open in the next 70-90 days, if not a bit sooner. Even 90 days puts them ahead of their original schedule.

Are you ready?

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