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Brave Trailer from Pixar – Summer Games

Pixar has released yet another parody trailer for Brave. With the Summer Olympics on the horizon, this one appears to be gently spoofing the quadrennial event. (warning, contains spoilers).

Okay, not the strongest of the parody trailers, but you do get to see just a bit more footage from the Highland Games. Which I like. (Btw, caber tossing is not reverse pole jumping. ) Brave vaults into theaters on June 22nd.

How do you think Disney’s movie marketing machine is doing with Brave?

2 thoughts on “Brave Trailer from Pixar – Summer Games”

  1. The marketing for this movie is ridiculously sexist. Honestly, does Disney marketing truly believe that by hyping up the crude humor in this will attract a wider male audience? Snot jokes, fart jokes, kilt jokes, bosom jokes….
    Seriously considering sitting this one out.

  2. I’m still trying to reconcile Disney/Pixar using Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping up to Boston” in some of the commercials. Made my head explode.

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