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John Carter “Second Screen”

In home entertainment parlance, “Second Screen” is the device you hold while watching a movie on DVD in the comfort of your home. It provides an augmented viewing experience designed to enhance one’s enjoyment of the film you’re watching. If you own the John Carter DVD/Blu-Ray, Disney has made available a Second Screen experience as a free download:

It works on your iPad or on your home Mac of PC.

John Carter is the fifth Disney title to feature the Second Screen technology and it evolves the interactive experience with brand new Second Screen features and extensive additional bonus content:

– 9 – VFX Labs allow you to layer on and off the amazing visual effects of the movie.
– 12 – Visual Effects Showcases let you scrub through the effects, frame-by-frame.
– 7 – 360 Degree Turnarounds of weapons, creatures, and more.
– 42 Video Village videos including behind the scenes, deleted scenes, and visual effects will transport you right to the set of the movie.

NEW – Deleted Scenes – Watch deleted scenes in context with the movie. When you reach the point where a scene was deleted, your Second Screen device will allow you to view the deleted scene with or without commentary from Director, Andrew Stanton.

New – John Carter’s Journal – John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) narrates your experience as you explore Barsoom through his eyes and voice. Select from 16 regions on a detailed map of the planet or relive his journey chapter by chapter. Each chapter features extended mythology, interactive sketches and turnarounds.

New – Streaming Content – You control the size of the app by choosing to stream or download the Second Screen content.

To access visit, then sync with the movie and enjoy!

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  1. Please make an Android version of this wonderful John Carter app. I work for a simple newspaper and we make apps available for the big three: iPhone, Android and Windows phones/tablets.

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