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Buzz Lightyear Themed Commercials for Disneyland

With the major changes at Disney California Adventure due to roll out, the Disneyland Resort is expecting major crowds this summer. That said, it’s always a good idea to tell people that there’s something new to see. With that in mind, Disney has rolled out two TV commercials featuring Buzz Lightyear as he explores the parks.

The first is specific to DCA

The second has many of the same scenes, but also has some shots specific to Disneyland itself:

It’s a cute idea. I have to wonder if some of this is meant to counter the bad vibes sent out when the resort raised prices on tickets and annual passes. Actual attendance doesn’t seem to be a problem. APs went up 30% in a bid to force some pass holders to downgrade to passes with black outs on the busiest days of the year. Cast Members have also been restricted on how often they can ‘sign-in’ family and friends over the summer.

What do you think? Will crowds materialize this summer?

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