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Build a Droid Factory at Star Wars Weekends

One of the new merchandise features coming to Star Wars Weekends in 2012 is the Droid Factory where you can build your very own Droid figure. The Droid Factory is open now and will run at least through the Star Wars Weekends festival. Similar to the build your own lightsaber section, there are 71 different pieces to create the 3 ¾-inch figures including a variety of novelty features so your droid has its own personality.

You also get a nice package to take your droid home in. I’ll be checking it out in person this weekend and will report back with what droids we made.

3 thoughts on “Build a Droid Factory at Star Wars Weekends”

  1. The comments section of the original Disney Parks Blog post says this will be a permanent fixture at DHS.

  2. Very poor experience on May 27th. Stood in line for half hour only to find mouse ears were unavailable. Manager said he didn’t know when or if they’d be available.
    Since they’re shown on the back of the package they should be available. The cast member should’ve taken addresses of customers and offered to mail them. Both nephews decided against purchasing and the two girls at the next station also walked away without purchasing.
    Should’ve told people as they lined up that this part wasn’t available.

  3. Had the same issue. Stood inline, built 2 and never knew the hats/ears were unavailable until done! How does that happen? There were thousands of legs, arms, headsetc. Who miscounted so badly? Anyways, I emailed Hollywood Studios and Disney. No response, no help, nothing. Very disappointed at there lack of follow up.

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