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Disneyland releases Cars Land Commercial, it’s ‘Top Secret’

What? You didn’t expect Disneyland not to try and capitalize on the billion dollar re-envisioning to its second gate. Here’s a new ad, named ‘Top Secret’, for Cars Land.

With all that neon, Cars Land will certainly look incredible at night and really capture that moment from Pixar’s Cars. Anyone know if they are using the original voices for Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen? June 15th isn’t too far away, will you be at Disney California Adventure?

6 thoughts on “Disneyland releases Cars Land Commercial, it’s ‘Top Secret’”

  1. Definitely Not the original voices-is it just me, or does Mater sound a little British in the beginning of the commercial? Regardless, CarsLand looks FANTASTIC.

  2. My son just recently shot a commerical for the ride, and I keep looking for it. thought maybe this was it, but it wasn’t.

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