The Matterhorn’s Fresh Coat of Snow – Behind the Scenes

Imagineers at Disneyland take us behind the walls at Disneyland’s classic Matterhorn roller coaster to show what’s been going on since it went down toward the beginning of this year. The refurbishment has been fairly extensive with new safety railings and a lot of work done on the mountain itself. Here the team at Walt Disney Imagineering shares how they created the new ‘snowfall’ look that covers the Matterhorn (a little less than before);

I do feel a little possessive of the Matterhorn in that my grandfather Vic Greene was one of the imagineers on the project, plus, as the first tubular steel roller coaster, it’s practically a historic monument for theme park and roller coaster enthusiasts. Alas, I haven’t been out to Disneyland to see the changes for myself yet, but what I’ve seen in this video and photos looks pretty good. Something much closer to the original vision for the attraction than it became in the 90s and 00s… What do you think?