Reviews and New Featurette Show Strength of Marvel’s The Avengers

Marvel’s The Avengers isn’t due to open in the USA until May 4th, but it’s already open in a few countries around the world. That means various movie reviewers have decided to break the embargo (after all the internet unites the world) and publish their reviews. Guess what? They’re almost all positive

“As creatively variable and predictably formulaic as the Marvel films have been, this one will not only make the core geek audience feel like it’s died and gone to Asgard but has so much going for it that many non-fans will be disarmed and charmed. This is effects-driven, mass appeal summer fare par excellence, that sought-after rare bird that hits all the quadrants, as marketing mavens like to say.” – Todd McCarthy, THR

“As written and directed by the ever genre-savvy Whedon, it’s a clean-burning, six-cylinder entertainment that exudes discipline in every particular, from the script’s balance of sincerity and self-effacing humor to the well-integrated visual effects to the keen sense of proportion that governs the ensemble. Whenever the possibility of boredom or excess rears its head, Whedon finds an elegant solution.” – Justin Chang, Variety

“This might be why Whedon has succeeded with The Avengers; he’s focused on the humanity of the characters. For example: Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johannsen as Hawkeye and Black Widow respectively, both bring more depth than anything thought possible to two characters who could have been peripheral, but here become just as pivotal as The Hulk, Cap, Stark or Thor.” – Paul Veerhoven, The Vine

“As a lifelong comic book fan, I walked into The Avengers with the highest hopes and deepest fears. A little over two hours later, as the credits began to roll, I turned to the friend sitting next to me, smiled and exclaimed, “They actually did it!” What Whedon and Marvel have created here is not just extraordinary, but one of the most entertaining and satisfying comic book movies yet.” – Eric Eisenberg, Cinemablend

A special new featurette from The Avengers below the jump:

According to a few reports, The Avengers is on target for a $150 million opening weekend. That should take some of the salt off the wound that is John Carter. Rotten Tomatoess lists The Avengers at a 96% fresh rating and holding.

Btw, you’ll absolutely want to stick around to the end of the credits as Marvel has added a little tag that some say teases a sequel.