New Marvel The Avengers Clips

Could this be the least exciting superhero movie poster ever?

Two new TV spots and a clip from the movie are here to pump you up about the new Marvel The Avengers movie. The first clip shows a bit of what Loki’s army looks like, the second TV clip reveals the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and a clip from the movie shows the Black Widow as she gets called in from a mission.

Otherworldly enough for you?

Nice. Does that Helicarrier remind anyone else of a similar ship from Doctor Who?

Below the cut is the Black Widow clip and a new series of posters for The Avengers. The one above of Agent Coulson is actually a bit of a joke released for the actor’s 50th birthday.

Which was your favorite?

7 thoughts on “New Marvel The Avengers Clips”

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  3. Least exciting superhero movie poster ever? Since this is a family-friendly blog, I cannot comment on just what Agent Coulson is, but it begins with “bad” and ends with a synonym for donkey.

    The Son of Coul is probably the most exciting of those posters!

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  5. Excuse you, but Agent Phil Coulson played a major role in assembling the Avengers and is just as important to the team as anyone else! I love that he was featured on a poster and therefore, consider this be a very exciting thing indeed!

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