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Red Car Trolley Previewed at California Adventure

One of the key elements of the makeover of Disneyland’s second gate is the Red Car Trolley. Inspired by the historic Pacific Electric Red Cars that criss-crossed the Los Angeles area and were featured in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the Red Car Trolley will operate from Buena Vista Street to HollywoodLand and include a spiel that reveals a bit of the history the area represents.

I love this interior shot with tributes to Mortimer (Mickey’s original name) and Clarabelle in the advertisements.

Are you looking forward to the makeover of California Adventure? Do you think it will finally deserve to have the Disney name attached to it?

(Photos courtesy Disney)

9 thoughts on “Red Car Trolley Previewed at California Adventure”

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  3. That looks amazing, the attention to detail, and making them look like they are real places as opposed to “toontown of the 20s” has me super excited

  4. Dr. Nigel Channing

    Also excited that they are embracing “Streemosphere” — Citizens of Buena Vista Street — a la Disney’s Hollywood Studios Citizens of Hollywood.

    Should have done that years ago, but hey, better late than never!

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  7. So excited for this!! Now we can PAY for the same experience we’ve had for free or years at The Grove and Americana at Brand!

    Ribbing aside, it does look nice. :)

  8. William R. Cousert

    These Red Car Trolley’s would make a great replacement for the parking structure trams.

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