Wishcasting the 2013 Disney Legends

The 2013 D23 Expo dates have been set (August 9th through the 11th) and that means a new crop of Disney Legends. If you don’t know, the Disney Legend award is one of the highest honors you can receive from the Disney Company for your contributions. I have been thinking, who would I want to see as a Disney Legend? I compiled a short-list of who I would like to see inducted into the Disney Legend Class of 2013.

  • Stan Lee- When Disney purchases a company; they become part of the Disney family, so they have the ability to become a legend as well. This happened last year with Jim Henson and in the past, Barbara Walters was inducted via her ABC tie-ins. Now that Marvel is part of the Disney family, Stan Lee NEEDS to be a Disney legend. The Zeus of Marvel. Creator, Writer, Designer, Icon. If he is NOT a Disney Legend, I will picket outside of the Walt Disney Animation building.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- I can hear the groaning already, but hear me out. They starred in Full House (ABC sitcom), Two of a Kind (ABC sitcom), Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (ABC animated series), and So Little Time (ABC Family sitcom). Along the same lines of Anika Noni Rose, they have done stuff for Disney, but also A TON outside of Disney as well. The Olsen sisters have their own production company (Dualstar), have had 4 separate clothing lines (three still in production) and written a critically acclaimed fashion book, starred in over 30 separate movies. Oh, and don’t forget they are two of the biggest child stars ever! They need this honor gosh darn it!
  • Susan Egan- If you don’t know her name by heart, her accolades will astonish you. Voice of Meg in the animated Disney film “Hercules” (I KNOW!), the original Belle in the Broadway production of “Beauty and the Beast” (Tony and Drama Desk nominations), the longest-running Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”, singing voice of Angel in “Lady and the Tramp 2”, as well as countless other CDs and Broadway roles…oh, and the voice of Lin in “Spirited Away”. That is ridiculously amazing! And deserving! She is still ever present in the Disney community and as a person who loves and is a part of the Disney Fan Community, she is the most deserving of all these names.
  • Irene Bedard and Judy Kuhn- These two wonderful ladies are the speaking and singing voices of Pocahontas, respectively. Last ceremony, all the “newer” princesses were inducted (Including Ariel’s, Tiana’s, Jasmine’s, and Belle’s voice over artists). I feel that Pocahontas should be represented among that group as well. Also, can you imagine the musical number! Judy singing Colors of the Wind while Susan sings I Won’t Say I’m In Love! I would pay good money to see that!
  • Ashley Brown- If you are a Disney on Broadway fan, you will know her name by heart. Ashley starred in Disney’s “On the Record”, played Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway, and originated the role of Mary Poppins on Broadway as well. She is an amazing singer, dancer, and actress. There hasn’t been a person from Disney Theatricals represented in the Disney Legends family, and I believe Ashley should be the first to bestow that honor. Also, add her to the musical number singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!
  • Jim Cummings- Has been the voice actor for over 100 separate roles including Ray in “The Princess and the Frog”, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Ed in “The Lion King”, Chief Powhatan in “Pocahontas”, Pete, various roles in Darkwing Duck, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, 101 Dalmatians TV series, TaleSpin…should I keep going? This man is an incredible talent who should be greatly recognized! (He could sing “Everything is Honey” in the medley too!)

Do you agree with my choices? Do you believe I left someone out? Do you think Mary-Kate and Ashley should sing this song in the medley too? Do you think my Mary-Kate and Ashley obsession is not worthy of a Disney Legend award (If you answered yes, I don’t want to hear it…)? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

P.S. If you are in the St.Pete area, Susan Egan will be performing at the St.Pete College Palladium on March 22nd! If you are in town, purchase a ticket and understand why she needs to be a Disney Legend!

15 thoughts on “Wishcasting the 2013 Disney Legends”

  1. Robby Benson for his brilliant voice work in Beauty & the Beast Oscar the 55 year and still going cast member of Disneyland, and according to my Legends ceremony program from last year I believe that Tom Hanks has not been honored.

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  3. I thought Jim Cummings was already inducted a few years ago. That is shocking that it hasn’t already happened.
    It is way too soon to have Stan Lee inducted. Jim Henson’s induction happened years after they acquired The Muppets. That should be the precedent for anyone connected to a company Disney brings into the fold.
    What about Leslie Nielson? The Swamp Fox doesn’t get any love.
    Or how about Don Knotts? The Apple Dumpling Gang wouldn’t have been the same without him. And Tim Conway has already been inducted.
    The Olsen twins? Seriously? No way.

  4. Sorry Marshal but none of your picks qualify. A legend is someone who has made a substantial contribution to the Disney Company, not someone who spent 2 weeks doing voice-overs in teh studio. In the beginning they were very selective to pick those who made a difference in the company and who they touched. I was at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th induction at the studio. What a stellar cast!
    I would propose Lonnie Burr a 4 year lead Mouseketeer. Bruce Gordon, WDI show producer of Splash Mountain and the Disney Family Museum. Beverly Butrum 35 years in Disneyland Merchandise and lead of the original Disney Gallery. Now there are some real legends!

    1. Sorry, Mark, but I disagree with stating Jim Cummings doesn’t belong. He has been a prolific voice talent whose credits include many Disney movie and TV shows over the past few decades, including Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Pete. That seems more substantial than some others that have made the list. Phil Collins and the Golden Girls come to mind instantly.

    2. How do none of my picks qualify? By the way Disney has chosen Disney Legends lately, I feel as if all of these choices are understandable.

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  6. Jim Cummings is the only one on that list I agree with. However, he has already been made a Disney Legend back in 2010. I could buy into Susan Egan, Irene Bedard and Judy Kuhn being added, especially since basically every other Disney Princess voice actress has been given the honor and these ladies have not yet. I find that kind of silly actually.

    As silly as this also sounds, Walt Disney himself and his brother Roy O. Disney have never been given the award, but I suppose that would go against the idea of it maybe? However, Roy E. Disney has back in 1998. Michael Eisner has also never been given the award, and while I know many Disney fans don’t like him, he did run the company for over 20 years, with the early years being very successful over all. Jeff Katzenburg has never gotten it either for that matter, nor has Ron Miller.

    For possibly more practical choices, I don’t think Dorothy McGuire has yet to receive the award, despite her staring in “Old Yeller,” “Swiss Family Robinson,” and “Summer Magic.” I also don’t think Jeff York has been given the award yet, despite him staring or guest staring in a number of Disney productions like “Old Yeller,” “Savage Sam,” “Zorro,” “The Saga of Andy Burnett” or “Davy Crockett,” to name some of them.

  7. Mike Niedringhaus

    I agree with you that Susan Egan personifies Disney. I’d like to add that she will be performing with my wife’s community orchestra in south Orange County CA (20 miles from Disneyland) on April 27th (http://southcoastsymphony.org/tickets/concert-four/). A real perk to this opportunity is that being a community event, Susan typically hangs around after the concert to talk informally with anyone in the audience. She truly is a friendly and talented performer, and her stories from Disney and Broadway between songs are captivating!

  8. Add Bob Harpur to the list. Disney steam train builder at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom (R. Baba Harpoor locomotive named in his honor) and Fort Wilderness at WDW, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong. Met Walt when he lived in LA and had Little Engines before joining Disney and moving to Tampa for WDW. He’s a Disney Legend in my book!

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  10. I’m not quite sure I buy into all of those, but I’m with you on Susan Egan, Irene Bedard, and Judy Kuhn. If Jim Cummings hasn’t already been given the honor, he is long overdue.

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