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A Special Preview of the “Be Our Guest” Restaurant in New Fantasyland

Conceived to help alleviate some of the stress on Cinderella’s Royal Table, the Be Our Guest restaurant will transport guests into the world of Beauty & The Beast, one of Walt Disney Animation’s most loved movies.

In this video, provided by WDI, Senior Concept Designer Ted Robledo presents our very first sneak peek inside this highly anticipated restaurant. Imagineers recently put the finishing touches on one of its major elements: a massive mural that will serve as the restaurant’s backdrop. Here, Ted shows how WDI combined digital technology with traditional artistry to create a sweeping landscape that gives guests the feeling that they really are walking into a part of the film

This is only the main dining room, there are also side dining rooms. The restaurant will be quick service during the day and sit down service at night.

8 thoughts on “A Special Preview of the “Be Our Guest” Restaurant in New Fantasyland”

  1. I assume you meant “alleviate,” not “elevate”? Keeping the original seems to indicate a worse situation…

    It’s nice to see that Beauty and the Beast is getting more integrated into the firmament of the park. I understand logistically why it got outshone by the more exotic locales of Little Mermaid and Aladdin, but I always hoped that we’d have something like this. Pretty great!

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