Ten Minute Clip from John Carter

One of the loudest complaints about Walt Disney Pictures marketing of John Carter to date was that it fails to give the backstory of the movie. Without it, there’s no context to explain the story and therefore no emotional tie to motivate the audience to buy tickets. You can see where that would be problem.

Now, with just a few days left until the March 9th wide open, Disney’s movie marketing team has released a 10 minute clip from early in the film that encompasses almost all of the movie’s action on earth. This definitely helps fill in the missing backstory.

Having seen the movie myself, one thing is for sure, if the movie fails to score at the box office, it won’t be the movie’s fault. Director Andrew Stanton and crew have produced a terrific film with heart, emotion, and great story. But somehow, Disney’s marketing team continues to misfire. It has kneecapped any number of good animated features and now is doing a number on John Carter.

Below the cut is one final trailer for John Carter:

So has either of these convinced you to go see John Carter?