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Disneyland Closed Due to Bomb Scare

Update: Package found to be harmless, Disneyland and California Adventure both officially re-opened their gates just prior to 11AM local time. Turns out the suspicious device was a PVC-pipe with a scroll of paper inside of it, placed there as part of a Geo-caching game. This is not the first time that has happened at the Disneyland Resort either. February 2011, found Downtown Disney being closed for what turned out to be another Geo-cache. Perhaps Disney could come up with some official Geo-Cache locations so guests who want to explore the park via this GPS based game can do so without causing a stir every time they place something on property.

Update: Although getting through security is still a nightmare, Disneyland put on a class act having cast members holding balloons greeting guests along main street as the park re-opened. They’ve also extended hours in both parks and added shows of Fantasmic! and World of Color.

A Disneyland employee found an suspicious object in the esplanade near the main Disneyland entrance this morning causing the park to shut its doors while police investigate. The Disneyland twitter account announced that the park would be closed out of an abundance of caution. Reports on the ground state that Anaheim police aren’t taking any chances either and are calling in the bomb squad. This could mean a delay of four to five hours before the park opens.

Disney’s California Adventure, Disneyland Park, and most of Downtown Disney is also closed. The park was closed at 7AM, so very few people were in the park at that time. While they’re being kept away from the main entrance, many of the park’s attractions are open.

Right now Trams from the parking lot are not running and the perimeter is fairly large. Also local hotels have been told their shuttles won’t be allowed on property during the closure.

More details as I get them.

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