Disneyland’s Suspicious Device A Geo-Location Cache

Oh those wacky Geo-Location Cache Hobbyists, causing Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney and Disneyland Drive to close down for 90 plus minutes today while Police brought in the bomb squad, what were they thinking? Who knows? But that’s certainly better news than someone planting a bomb in that busy area. I’m sure you agree. Us Disney fans would like to ask that all you GPS device owners out there, please play your games more carefully. And, oh yeah, that road backstage isn’t really a road, no parking in the white loading zone, and the parking lot booths are not the place to ask what time the 3 o’clock parade is. Thank you.

(Via the OC Register)

8 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Suspicious Device A Geo-Location Cache”

  1. Geocaching rules say you must have the land owner’s permission to place a cache, and that the cache must be clearly marked as such. It’s also recommended that the cache container be transparent, to avoid confusion about it’s contents.
    Geocaching is great fun, and doing so on Disney property would be a fun inclusion to any vacation. But it doesn’t sound like whoever placed this was following anyone’s rules. It was probably meant as a personal/temporary thing. Shame on them.

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  3. As a Geocache advocate I would agree. While I would LOVE for there to be a billion caches for me to find while I’m here on vacation, they would have to be placed and maintained by Disney, not individual cachers. And besides, one of the keys of the sport is not being seen while retrieving a cache. Hard to do while surrounded by a few thousand people!

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