New Interactive Menu Being Tested at Brown Derby

Matt over at has the first look at some new technology that Disney’s Hollywood Studios Brown Derby restaurant is experimenting with. If you have a food allergy, you’ll now be presented with a cleverly disguised iPad contain an interactive menu that lets you select your allergy or food preferences and watch as the menu updates to reflect your options based on those changes.

A great app from Disney, too bad it doesn’t lower the prices any. It’s been a long time since I could afford to eat there.

4 thoughts on “New Interactive Menu Being Tested at Brown Derby”

  1. That is a really cool concept. I know some dishes can be converted to meet a dietary requirement such as gluten free by a simple modification like omitting a sauce (or crouton on a salad) or substituting corn tortillas for flour tortillas.

    I wonder if you can place your order directly through the app so it goes in as a dietary restriction order with any modifications to the dish correctly noted.

    I can’t eat mushrooms (not an allergy, but an intolerance). Most times, I can figure it out from the menu myself, but some menus are heavier on mushrooms and I will list no mushrooms on my ADR and have had the chef come talk to me. I hope this app doesn’t replace the personal touch. But, it would make it easier not to have to remember everything you are told.

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