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How well are Disney Parks doing Social Media?

Craig Carter, writing over on Ignite Social Media’s blog, reports back from his experience trying to find park specific social media at Walt Disney World at the end of 2011. His result was pretty much fruitless, but the experience wasn’t without its silver lining.

Craig went to EPCOT and started asking cast members he encountered to point him to the park’s social media where he might be able to find out what’s going on in the park. No one knew where to send him online, so they finally sent him to guest relations where:

Even the person behind the desk didn’t know off the top of their head if Epcot was on Twitter. They had to go into a back room and check. After a minute, they returned to tell me that the 6th most visited theme park in the world DOES NOT have its own Twitter account

Yep. That’s right. So far, Disney has not successfully figured out how to use social media to aid its in park and resort guests. What Craig doesn’t know is that they have tried a few times and that Disney has a billion dollar plus effort underway to figure interactivity out.

I found Craig’s analysis insightful even if I didn’t necessarily agree with all of them. One a scale of one to ten how would you rate Walt Disney World’s social media efforts? What do you like the best so far?

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