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Top Ten Saddest Moments in Disney Animation

A couple years ago Fanpop decided to list the 10 saddest moments in Disney animation. I’m not sure they got it exactly right, but the list does have its share of massive tear jerkers:

10. Megara dies to save Hercules
9. Bambi’s mother dies
8. Eric leaves Ariel
7. Fox and the Hound (many moments)
6. Shang’s death in Mulan 2
5. Kerchak dies in Tarzan
4. The Beast dies in Beauty and the Beast
3. John Smith leaves Pocahontas
2. Quasimodo is tortured in Festival of Fools The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1. Mufasa dies in The Lion King

And, so you don’t have to imagine them in your head a youtuber has put them all to music. If you don’t recognize it, it’s the song ‘Time’ from Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack.

How would you have ranked these movies?