Where are the Disney Game Apps?

There is a great library of Disney characters ranging from Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to the Disney Afternoon Cartoons; and yet, when you look at the iOS Apps that Disney is releasing, it seems if there isn’t a marketing budget for some new movie or re-release, then it doesn’t make it onto the iPhone. Instead we get “Where’s My Water” (iTunes), which is a good game, and it can complete with other viral games like Angry Birds, but it doesn’t have that tie to the Disney magic we fans desire.

So, I guess it is left up to the fans to fill the gap. Take Robert Piquel. He’s 25 years old and from France. He’s spent the last 5 years learning how to program because he wants to make a great Disney TakeSpin Fan Video Game. The following video is a concept piece for the game he really wants to make.

It’s not exactly cutting-edge, but it has me excited to go back and revisit the stories from shows like TaleSpin or Gummi Bears and tell new stories in the modern video game format. What about you?