Adidas Muppets T-Shirts – Kermit Original Hip Hop and more

A couple months ago we spotted some delicious looking Muppets kicks on Originals (also). Kids and Adult sized shoes in Kermit and Animal themes have been flying off the shelves. Normally, you have to special order shoes like that from Japan, but these are right there online to pick up. Many sizes are even still in stock. Color us very happy.

We are just as happy to see these beautiful Muppets T-shirt cross our screens today. Three shirts (Gonzo, Animal, and Kermit) are on the site today and it looks like a Fozzy will also be available soon. Right now there is free shipping on orders of $49 or more when you visit, so pop on over and search for Muppets to add these great shirts to your collection.

10 thoughts on “Adidas Muppets T-Shirts – Kermit Original Hip Hop and more

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  7. Brodie Brockie

    They actually did print a shirt with “Fozzy” on it. They had to yank it after the fans finally pointed out that the Muppet’s name is actually “Fozzie.”

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