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Kermit adidas Tennis Shoes Get High Marks

We wrote previously about the Kermit Kicks from adidas and now Mike B. from the new blog and frequent guest writer here on The Disney Blog has chimed in with a short positive review.

I got my pair of the mens Kermits yesterday and they are well worth the price (and the outrageous shipping rate to Canada). Really well built and comfortable. The gold ‘Original Hip Hop’ lettering looks great.

If your concerned about walking around town with these (“Hey, look at that guy’s shoes!”), remember your jeans can cover most of the felt Kermit collar. But you want it to show—trust me.

The shoes come packaged in a Muppety Adidas shoebox. Which Mike was nice enough to send a photo of

As mentioned, Animal has themed sneakers too and the rumor is that other Muppets (Fozzy and Gonzo) will soon get the adidas originals treatment. Look at the box pattern for evidence. I’ll keep an eye out and post what I can find. To pick yourself up a pair, head to the adidas online store and search for Kermit or Animal.

Previously: The Muppets Kermit The Frog and Animal get their own adidas kicks.

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