Tangled Ever After – Why Disney Made It

One of the reasons to go see Beauty & The Beast 3D in theaters this week is because of what comes before it. The new Disney animated short “Tangled Ever After” tells a wild and wacky story about the wedding of Eugene (aka Flynn Rider) and Rapunzel. They’re getting the gang back together for the big event.

Apparently, there was a large demand to see the wedding in the original film, but it just didn’t fit in with the arc of the story, so they decided to make it a short film:

Obviously, it was pretty clear to all of us that just watching Flynn and Rapunzel get married would be a pretty uninteresting short. So Director Nathan Greno had an idea that would give a wedding to people who wanted that, but also have a layer of entertainment and comedy that would give some more screen time to Maximus and Pascal, who seem to be perfect characters to have their own comedic spotlight in the form of a short.

Mark Kennedy, who was a storyboard artist on the short, goes into how they came up with the idea on his great blog “Temple of the Seven Golden Camels.” There are, of course, spoilers. So consider yourself warned.

Do you plan to go see Beauty & The Beast 3D more for the original movie or the Tangled short?

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  1. I want to go see both of them. B & the B is one of my favourite Disney films and I really want to see the Tangled short. Win/win!

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  3. I’d love to go and see BOTH… but I’m in Australia, so will either have to wait months or find Tangled Ever After online :(

  4. We DID go see BatB just for Tangled Ever After. In fact, when people asked us what movie we were at the theater to see, the kids unabashedly told them we were there to see Rapunzel and Flynn.

    What can I say? My kids have taste.

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  8. Disney would be crazy not to capitalize on the huge fan base that Tangled created. They need to come up with a full-length sequel and not in 10 years. Give fans what they want now! They should also have Rapunzel and Eugene appear together in the Disney parks wearing their royal garb, with Rapunzel sporting her new short hairdo!

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  10. Okay this makes no sense. In the theme park and in stickers and merchandise her hair is long and blonde. However, in this move it is short and brown. Did Rapunzel’s hair grow bacck or not? If her hair is meant to be short and brown, then why don’t the dolls have short brown hair? Why does my Rapunzel doll have a tiara but with the long blonde hair? She didn’t become a princess again until *after* her hair was cut.

    1. Her hair can’t grow back. And they do have the doll with short hair. They have both.She was always a true princess so that’s why. Although I’d prefer it if in the parks theyd put her with short hair. Go figure.

      1. Where do they have a Rapunzel doll with short brown hair? I’ve looked and have never seen one. Also, as someone else posted, does anyone know when/if Tangled Ever After will come out on BluRay/DVD?

  11. It looks like Tangled Ever After will be included as an extra on the Cinderella DVD that comes out later this year.

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