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Disneyland Updates Main Street Soundtrack

If you visited Disneyland yesterday you probably sensed that something was different, but weren’t immediately sure what it was. Walt Disney knew that sound plays an important role in the total immersion experience that was his new invention – the theme park. He crafted specific reels of songs to be background music for each land that would immediately put guests in the desired mood for that land.

One of the most iconic background loops has always been Main Street U.S.A. with many of the songs chosen specifically as favorites of Walt. While there were tweaks here and there, the loop has only been significantly updated a few times over the years, with the last major update in 1992. However, Disney just announced a new loop with a dozen new tunes was activated yesterday.

This time around, over a dozen new tunes, arranged and recorded specifically for Main Street, U.S.A., will join many of the existing songs. Included in the new mix are such iconic period pieces as “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis,” “In the Good Old Summer Time,” “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” “Oh You Beautiful Doll,” Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag,” and a recent tune given a turn-of-the-last-century arrangement, Michael Giacchino’s “Married Life” from Disney•Pixar’s “UP.”

This ought to keep the fan boys busy cataloging and updating their compendiums. It should hopefully give Disneyland an excuse to release a new Disneyland Soundtrack album. Would you buy it?