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Should Disney sell the Touchstone Label

In the early 1980’s the Walt Disney Studios found it could make money with PG movies like Never Cry Wolf, Condorman, and Tron. The only problem was the heat they were taking for tarnishing the ‘Disney’ name with the more adult fare. So in 1984 Disney released Splash under the Touchstone Label. The problem is the controversy never really went away, since technically Touchstone remained a part of Disney.

Late in Eisner’s regime, and accelerating since Bob Iger took over, the company has moved away from using the Touchstone label at all deciding to just bite the bullet and lump almost all the movies under the ‘Disney’ brand. The only thing that saved Touchstone from the dustbin of history was Disney’s partnership with Dreamworks to distribute their films.

The New York Post is reporting that Touchstone is once again on the chopping block, this time owing up to cost cutting inside Disney’s studio divisions. With the PG-13 Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, the horse is likely out of the barn as far as keeping the Disney brand to just kid friendly releases. Like it or not, the company is hell bent on uniting nearly everything behind the new single word brand of ‘Disney.’

So Disney fans, now’s your chance to chime in. Should Disney ditch Touchstone once and for all? Keep it just for its historic value? How about ‘R’ rated films under the ‘Disney’ brand. Would you pick up virtual arms then?