EPCOT Foodie Shirts

EPCOT has recently been rolling out some world showcase country specific merchandise, most specifically mickey ear hats and t-shirts. They also have a great tradition of a new EPCOT Food & Wine Festival t-shirt every year. But this is the first pair of shirts related to food and drink I’ve seen that’s not part of the Food & Wine Festival.

click to embiggen.

Every country in the World Showcase gets its own signature drink and food item. If they offered these shirts in different colors I would so buy one today. What about you?

4 thoughts on “EPCOT Foodie Shirts”

  1. Very cool shirts. Gotta question the China food though. Couldn’t they come up with something better than a take-out box. Crap, even egg rolls or ribs would have been at least a food item like the rest of the shirt. I would still get it though. Were they the thick good quality feeling type or the thin cheap-o kind. Did you see the price? I’m guessing high 20’s range.

    The drink shirt is great. Really like the Norway stein.

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