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New Gourmet Dish at Remy on the Disney Dream

I don’t know about you, but I could watch Chef Scott Hunnel talk about food all day. Here, Chef Hunnel reveals one of the latest creations on the Remy menu — Jamon Wrapped Shrimp, a mouthwatering Italian-concept dish that is both salty and sweet. Of course, you have to be lucky enough to have a trip booked on the Disney Dream to experience it, so I’m happy they’re sending out these tempting videos:

One of the promises of the high end dining restaurants on the Disney Dream was that the dishes would be regularly re-invented, so repeat visitors would not experience the same food twice. So far they’re living up to that promise nicely. Does this video make you more likely to book a trip with Disney Cruise Line?

Another Remy video below the jump:

In this video Master Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek of Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World Resort gives us a look at a new delectable dessert being served at Remy on the Disney Dream, the Tropical Fruit Mousse on Almond Cake.

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