Disney Goes Big with John Carter IMAX Poster

I have to say that this poster for the IMAX 3D version of “John Carter” (of Mars) does a terrific job at building a case for 3D. Instead of the typical head shot with a scenic background, you feel like you’re right in the middle of the movie’s 3D excitement. The use of perspective and an action snapshot goes a long way to making it work.

Those creatures are the much feared ‘White Apes’ that John Carter is forced to battle. At this point it looks like the film is channeling “Lord of the Rings” mixed with “Avatar” 3-D technology. I know I can’t wait to visit Barsoom and am now more likely to book at 3D IMAX version for my first viewing, how about you?

“John Carter” will hit theaters March 9, 2012.

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9 thoughts on “Disney Goes Big with John Carter IMAX Poster”

  1. On the one hand, it looks very cool, and I’m eagerly anticipating it.

    On the other hand — do you want your poster for your action-adventure hero to be him desperately trying to flee the menace? It’s a bit of an odd approach.

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  3. ” film is channeling “Lord of the Rings” mixed with “Avatar” – you’ve got it backwards. Those things were channeling John Carter. The first book ( A Princess of Mars ) was written in 1911 everything, Star Wars especially, has been feeding off John Carter ever since.

  4. Dave, I see what you mean about the hero seeming to run away. But I suspect it’s more of a temporary, strategic retreat. ;-)

    Though, in truth, it’s the Apes who are in trouble in this scene. The poor creatures just don’t understand which two-armed, white-skinned little guy they’ve been pitted against. It’s none other than JOHN CARTER!!

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