Sweet Wedding Proposal at Disneyland Paris

Okay. This one is extra cute. So cute that even though it’s in a foreign language (Dutch in this case) I wanted to share it with you. The new Dutch TV show Let’s Get Married has filmed a segment in Disneyland Paris that includes a special proposal.

In the show, two couples compete against each other to win their perfect wedding. The winning couple loves Beauty & the Beast, so she has decided to propose to him in Disneyland Paris. However, this is all a big surprise for him! While he thinks that she has won an exclusive back-stage tour, she is actually rehearsing her proposal show. When in the park, they decide to buy presents for each other separately, which is her cue to quickly to the Castle, puts her Princess dress on and surprises him!

Would that be a dream proposal or what?

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  4. I have a plan that could work. I love Fantasmic and the one thing I love about the show is the pre-show. Everytime I attend the show I always get the wave started in my section and throughout the arena. So I have a plan to strategically plant family and friends throughout the arena and have my girlfriend sit at the bottom of the arena as I get the Wave going. Once it gets through the whole arena, i would have my friends hold up posters spelling out Megan Will you Marry me? That would be awesome!

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