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Disney*Pixar one of First Brands to Get Branded Twitter Pages

Twitter rolled out a couple big changes today. A new twitter homepage and app that focuses the experience more on activity was the first to be announced. Then they also dropped a new type of Twitter page designed with brands in mind.

Disney*Pixar was one of the first 21 brands given access to the new pages. As you can see they’re using it to highlight Pixar’s Brave. Not only is there a banner available, but brands can pin a post at the top of their timeline, the Brave trailer was selected here.

I also am very interested in the background for the Disney*Pixar twitter brand page. It looks to be a background from Brave. In CG Animation, this isn’t anything unique, but it’s still fun to explore.

I’ve uploaded a full copy without the twitter windows below the cut for you to explore:

Click to embiggen.

Do you follow any official Disney social media channels? If so, which ones?

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