The EPCOT Song

There are rare moments in human history when you must pause and marvel at the amazing things humanity can create. For many Disney Fans, the ideals, dreams, and hard facts behind EPCOT Center represents the peak, the pinnacle, dare we say, the zenith of human achievement. So it only seems fitting that the park would have its own theme song… er, come again? There is no official song for EPCOT? How could that be?

No worries, these fans have created a song that just might fill that void:

Now, don’t say I never did anything nice for you.

7 thoughts on “The EPCOT Song”

  1. There actually was a song written for EPCOT when it first opened. It was used in the short-lived World Showcase parade, and had brilliant lyrics such as: “There’s No-oh-oh place like World Sho-oh-oh-case.” That was the parade that also featured the giant creepy walk-around dolls with moving eyes.

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  5. Hey!

    This is my song! Wooo! Glad you found it and enjoyed it! And yes it would make quite the epcot theme song… or maybe they could just blast it when you get to the big reveal in the top of Spaceship Earth.

    Hey for more Disney World musical endeavors and general WDW fun and silliness, check out my podcast at
    Both the rappers from this song are hosts along with 2 of my brothers.

    And remember: Jeremy Irons was hot and Judy Dench was alright, but you really can’t mess with Walter Chronchite.

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