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Disneyland and Hotel Union End Contentious Strike

The long running contentious battle between Disneyland and the Unite Here Local 11 union has come to an end. A new five year agreement shows a little compromise by both sides, but the union did have to make a concession on one of its largest issues, the price of health care for its members. In return, Disney provided some workload relief.

According to a story in the OC Register, a month ago union members were given a choice of enrolling in Disney’s health care plan or sticking with the unions. The results of that action appears to have been grease needed to unstick gears that had been locked for two years.

Over the years Unite Here Local 11 tried some pretty shady tactics along with the traditional picketing. Disney was accused of not negotiating fairly, of course. Let’s hope all sides can put that behind them and work toward a future where all sides are compensated fairly with wages and profits that are sustainable.

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4 thoughts on “Disneyland and Hotel Union End Contentious Strike”

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  4. I am a little disappointed that Disney compromised on anything, honestly, I would have loved to see the union disband.

    That being said, I am glad that they figured something out.

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