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Expressions – Magic Kingdom

This is the second video in my experiment with the sort of environmental pieces one associates with the last few minutes of CBS’ Sunday Morning. It’s called “Expressions” and the goal is bring you back into the park for a few moments and linger on some of the details that I feel makes Disney magical.

I’m afraid I don’t have the best video or sound equipment at the moment. But I do love these little moments you find around the parks and hope you enjoy them too.

Previously: Expressions – EPCOT.

14 thoughts on “Expressions – Magic Kingdom”

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  2. Oh, I liked that very much. I don’t think I’ve ever stood and watched the paddle wheel like that. Lovely. Thanks you for sharing and putting it together!

  3. My family and I visited a month ago and after watching your video I was transported back to the magic for 3 minutes. Thank you for this!

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