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Mural for Little Mermaid Attraction – Behind the Scenes with Disney’s Imagineers

Part of the Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom is a dark ride based on the one of Walt Disney Animation’s classics – The Little Mermaid. I’m very happy that this dark ride is returning a tradition we associate with classic Fantasyland dark rides, a giant mural in the load / unload zone.

Here’s a quick video from Walt Disney Imagineering sharing some behind the scenes secrets of how the mural was completed. Hint: a digital tablet device plays a big part.

That looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see in the ride, what about you?

Btw, The Disney Parks blog had an online chat with Imagineer Chris Beatty the other day, you can replay the chat here. They didn’t break any news, but it’s a good refresher with some artwork and video (like the one above).