New Disneyland Holiday Commercial Brings Tidings of Small World

The newest commercial for Disneyland’s Holiday season features children of the world flying in a Peter Pan style ship as they experience the Joy of It’s A Small World on the way to Disneyland. Or something like that.

Fairly high concept for a theme park ad, what do you think?

14 thoughts on “New Disneyland Holiday Commercial Brings Tidings of Small World”

  1. Christopher T. Rhodes

    This isn’t new… I watched it last year MANY times on TV, haha! Except I think it was a Walt Disney World version, I am not sure. It could have been a generic “Disney Parks” one as well, possibly. It was also a little longer.

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  3. I thought they’ve used this commercial in years past as well? Still one of my favorite Disney Holiday commercials though, this and the Snowman from 2005 I think!

  4. @Connor
    Yeah, it’s not new. WDW used it before with Sleeping Beauty Castle and all. The footage seems to be from Hong Kong mainly. Great commercial though

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  6. This is a great spot. The concept is strong and it’s beautifully executed. Speaks to the true spirit of Disney and It’s a Small World. I’d love to see Disney create more ads like this.

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