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Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results Show – No Treats for David

To the delight of Beliebers everywhere, the night began with a performance of “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber. Then, Carson (yay!) returned to talk to some fans and the judges. This week’s encore dance was awarded to Team Paso, who gave us another fabulous show. We learned the first results of night when Nancy and Tristan wound up in the bottom two, and Rob and Cheryl were declared safe.

Next, the AT&T spotlight dance told us the story of how Victoria-Rose survived a brain tumor, and relearned how to walk and dance again. The young girl took to the floor to perform with Christina Perri singing live. After Derek Hough wowed the ballroom with a dance that he choreographed, we found out that both team captains and their partners (Ricki and Derek, and J.R. and Karina) were safe.

Justin Bieber came back to sing his new song, “Fa La La” with Boyz II Men. Wow, Christmas music the day after Halloween. Anyway…more results let us know Hope and Maks were safe, which left David and Kym in the bottom two.

The audience erupted into boos when it was revealed that David and Kym’s time in the competition was over. This was another shocking example of how important fan votes are. Apparently, Nancy and Tristan have an active fan base out there. David’s farewell speech was characteristically funny and sweet. He thanked Kym and joked about there being some mistake because, “This is my show!” I hope Maks laughed at that. The action continues next week.

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