Disney Lobbies to Prevent Las Vegas Style Gambling in Florida, Why Are People Shocked?

There is a big article in the Orlando Sentinel regarding Disney’s efforts to lobby the state for items it sees as beneficial to tourism in Central Florida. One of those items is a push to keep Las Vegas style casinos out of Florida, a trend which Disney sees as shifting the focus of travel away from families (Disney’s bread and butter) and toward twenty-somethings (a market for which Disney has very little to offer).

Disney certainly has a right to protect their interests. But also recall that they’ve hedged their bets. When they built the Boardwalk Inn near EPCOT they included some pre-wiring in the plans that would make it very easy for them to add slot machines and other types of gambling there. I’ve heard the same thing for the Swan and Dolphin, however, I hope Disney was smart enough to put something in the contract that would prevent that. But you never know.

Are you for or against an expansion of gambling in Florida? Would you be in favor of Disney opening a casino on property?