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RIP Dan Wheldon, Indianapolis 500 Champion

Besides Disney my other real fandom is that of racing, particularly open wheel racing. So as I posted early this year, I was very pleased when this year’s Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon was feted at Walt Disney World with a victory parade.

It was with tremendous sadness that I learned today of Wheldon’s death in an accident at the Las Vegas race. Wheldon celebrated his 33rd birthday with his family when he visited Walt Disney World in June. Here’s a video from that day that so clearly shows his love of his family, of life, and of racing.

The 2005 IndyCar series champion, Wheldon was a class act all they way. There’s really nothing more to say than too soon, too soon. Our thoughts are with the Wheldon family and all the drivers and members of the IndyCar racing team and league.

Update: Today’s race was called after officials learned of Wheldon’s death. Instead the remaining teams and drivers held five parade laps in tribute to Wheldon. The video of this moving ceremony is below the jump:

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