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Disney Passes $1 Billion at the Box Office

For 15 of the last 18 years and the sixth consecutive year, The Walt Disney Studios has passed $1 billion in domestic box office booty. The total was reached with help from Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, Cars 2, The Help, Gnomeo And Juliet, and The Lion King 3D. Disney was the third fastest studio to that loft number behind Paramount and Warner Brothers.

It took Disney 62 more days in 2011 than it did in 2010 (Toy Story 3, Alice and Wonderland) to reach the one billion figure. But at least it got there.

Two big films yet to come for Disney in 2011 are Disney The Muppets and War Horse. 2012 Lineup includes the much anticipated John Carter, Disney Animation’s Wreck-It Ralph, and Pixar’s Brave. Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie could also be the sleeper hit of 2012. Without Johnny Depp in the schedule, I give 2012 a 50% chance of beating the 2011 race to $1 billion, how about you?

4 thoughts on “Disney Passes $1 Billion at the Box Office”

  1. I think that the Muppets and War Horse are going to bring in BIG bucks. This year may be more profitable than last, even if it took them longer to get to the $1 billion mark.

    As for next year, the absence of JDepp (and Tow Mater) may definitely hinder Disney’s chances of getting to $1b.

  2. I think they’ll hit the billion mark, but I suspect it would be much later in the year as (if memory serves me), the pixar release will be coming in november instead of over the summer…

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