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Muppets Release AMC Theater Policies Trailer Short

Whomever is masterminding the promotional efforts for Disney’s movie The Muppets should get a hefty bonus. Their latest entry is a short educational video that will run at AMC theaters. In it, the Muppets admirably display how you should NOT act in a movie theater.

Love it. November 23rd can’t come soon enough.

12 thoughts on “Muppets Release AMC Theater Policies Trailer Short”

  1. Unfortunately for her, it’s not being overseen by MT Carney, Disney’s way too highly paid marketing “chief.” Great spot, though, and the tactic of getting the Muppets back into the pop-culture eye has paid off. Based on what I’ve seen, though, the movie is not edgy or ironic; it’s sweet and good-natured. It will be interesting to see whether there’s a disconnect on that levelt.

    1. I think people understand the Muppets themselves are sweet and good-natured. But also a little mischievous. I do hope there isn’t a disconnect there.

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