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Time-Lapse Video of New Fantasyland Construction Progress

Walt Disney Imagineering has released a new time-lapse video showing the progress of New Fantasyland. If you look close you can see the crane used to put Holiday Lights up on the castle last September. Also note that the video actually ends a few months ago, as the current state of the Fantasyland expansion includes painted rocks and a visible castle wall expansion leading out close to Dumbo.

It’s worth it to go select the HD version and view this full screen. Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you get back.

Previously: Imagineer talks about vision for New Fantasyland on Disney World’s 40th Anniversary.

8 thoughts on “Time-Lapse Video of New Fantasyland Construction Progress”

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  7. It looks like it’s coming out great. I have to go ride Dumbo soon so I can take some peeks behind the fence. And when I don’t have time to wait in line for Dumbo? I hop along the fence, snap pictures with my camera and then look at those…not the most efficent way, but it will have to suffice me! LOL

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