Woman Sells Baby to Pay for Family Disney Trip

Okay, I know the nation’s economy is in the pits, but if you absolutely must have that family vacation to Walt Disney World, there are other things you can sell besides your newborn son. Yet, that’s exactly what a new Mom from Delaware is accused of doing. Thankfully a family member tipped off the police and the child is fine after the seller and buyer were arrested.

This does bring to mind a question for you Disney fans, what would you consider selling to finance your next trip to Walt Disney World?

11 thoughts on “Woman Sells Baby to Pay for Family Disney Trip”

  1. I LOVE WALT DISNEY WORLD but If I have to sell something to go on vacation then I shouldn’t be going to vacation. Seriously?? her son??!! Thank God they were arrested……

  2. It’s not unprecedented for women to harm their children while suffering from postpartum depression/psychosis. She’s 1 month postpartum, which is a high-risk time. And showering attention gifts on older children and ignoring/rejecting the newborn is a relatively common symptom for postpartum mothers. I’m no anthropologist, but this is likely a relic of behavior that manifests in other mammals — when resources are constrained and anxiety/stress is high, mothers will often abandon newborns.

    She may instead be a legitimate monster, of course. But I have a decent amount of sympathy for her family. It’s likely the behavior of a person with a clinically observable and treatable disorder. I hope she gets help.

    1. Really? Kinda the problem with our society when we can find excuses for everything. Postpartum is real and something that is very sad. However, this person planned this prior to that baby being born, I would assume. To seek out a buyer, one would need time for that. To plan a trip to Disney, one needs time. This is not a case of postpartem, it’s a case of poor and disgusting judgement. Thank goodness for the family member who did something!

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