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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kicks off new season with very special visit

Editor: Please welcome guest author Kristen Barrett who feels a very special connection with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

It’s definitely not an understatement to say that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has opened new doors for families across the U.S.. With the first season or two under its belt, the manor in which this show has evolved over time is sincerely amazing. Always racing against the clock, working together as a community, and striving to provide a new start for the chosen family in need.

I have been a viewer of the EM:HE since it’s been on the air. Each weekend, you could pretty much guarantee that I was sitting on the couch ready to go; if not, hello DVR! With each episode, I am blown away by how far the design team goes to transform the lives of those in need. Bad and sometimes horrific living conditions molded into a new and breathtaking dream homes. My heart is always lifted and so full of love when the closing of each show.

In each episode, you’ll find humor, inspiration, love, and teamwork. The spirit that the design team brings to the table each week is ignited by the animated Ty Pennington who has become a true symbol for show. This was a special season premiere, and just with episodes before, excitement was brewing to see what extremes were to be met.

The iconic “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” returned for a ninth season with a special two-part premiere featuring an appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama. As part of her Joining Forces initiative, Mrs. Obama participated in the episode featuring the Marshalls, a military family based in Fayetteville, NC.

As a Veteran and now Air Force wife myself, the season premiere of EM:HE really hit home. I was left with so much admiration for Ms. Marshall. The effort that she puts forth day to day to ensure that the women veterans have another chance to succeed is incredible. She is an honest picture of inspiration.

Also, what an honor to have the First Lady recognize your efforts and hard work put forth? Mrs. Obama’s appearance made headlines for sure. “I love that all of us can gather around to share in these stories of triumph every week,” the first lady told People. “You need a box of tissues nearby.”

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a type of show that anyone can curl up and enjoy. From the youngest to the oldest; it’s meant for all generations. What a way to kick off the season!

Are you still watching EM:HE? What are your expectations for this season?

Bio: Kristen Barrett – When she’s not busy chasing her twin girls, you can find her in the kitchen, craft room, or outside soaking up the sun. You can find her at Hope Abound or on twitter at @hopeabound

5 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kicks off new season with very special visit”

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  4. I do like the show, however it’s pretty much the same thing every episode. Family needs (and deserves) a new home. Family usually goes to WDW (which makes me jealous). Ty and co. do stupid some awkward acting during the show. Family comes home. Camera show sign that says “Move that Bus” as everyone is screaming “Move that Bus” The bus moves. The family freaks out (and I would too!). Show ends.

    There’s nothing wrong that. I still watch and enjoy it. My only real problem with the show is…’s not in HD! It’s 2011 for crying out loud! All other top reality shows are in HD….Survivor, Biggest Loser, even the Amazing Race and they’re all over the world! Please….PLEASE ABC bring the show into the HD already!

  5. I was watching Diane Sawyer when she was visiting the Indian reserv. out in S.D it is so sad to see out American Indians live the way they do. Their homes are trailers the floors are rotted and the roof are all leaking is there anything you can do to get them better shelter, even if they are the trailers that are still not being used in La. I wish something could be done to help our Indian friends out in S.D thank you Florence Snook

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