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Charlie’s Angels: Season 1, Episode 1

It’s back! No, not that pimple on your face that appears every other month though you continue to pop it, Charlie’s Angels silly! After waiting about a year since the pilot taping was announced, I have been looking forward to this. I saw who would be on the show, but the opening threw me off. It showed 3 angels, Abby, Kate, and…Gloria? Who the heck is Gloria? Apparently, those are the 3 angels!

The show leads right into the first “case.” Younger girl was kidnapped, eventually to be put in sex trafficking and she needs to be set free. The three angels, as well as Bosley (The sidekick/PTI Stat Guy of Charlie’s Angels) head directly to save the girl. Of course, she is found, but this introduces us to the next case. The girls decide to celebrate, with Gloria opting out since she is beat. Unfortunately, something drastic happens meaning they are down to only 2 Angels.

Trying to figure out what happened to Gloria, a key suspect we find out is Eve (oh okay!) who has a connection not just to Gloria, but to the “bad guy” in the next case. Though there is some tension between the girls, they go check out Gloria’s apartment to see what is there. They find a HUGE clue to Number 1, what happened to Gloria, Number 2, who this Baharo guy is (Which is very weird to the viewer, since we have no clue what significance he has in the episode), and Number 3, the connection between Eve and Gloria.

After a night of undercover work, a 5 minute long crazy fight scene, A fake plane ride, and laxative covered hors d’oeuvres, we finally get the bad guy (Which ended up being stupid on his part…for the people that watched the show…MOVE OUT OF THE WAY LOSER!) and Eve is “inducted” into Charlie’s team.

So, here are the things we learned from episode 1:
1) Guns are a good conversation starter
2) Plans involving Bosely usually include seducing a woman, then knocking her out
3) Hip and Edgy music likes to be included to make it seem current
4) Recession jokes are ALL THE RAGE in Miami
5) This show is the Queen of cheesy puns (As Abby is climbing a building, Kate explains “She puts the Cat in Cat Burglar…Hardy Har Har!)

I enjoyed the show, but I have a problem with liking every show I watch. (The Playboy Club, My favorite! Revenge, My favorite! Charlie’s Angels, My favorite!) Reviews haven’t been the greatest, but next week I will tell you how the ratings panned out. Remember, Thursday’s at 8/7c (So no excuse that “It’s too late”!) on ABC (Start Here).