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SeaVenture Adds Upclose Undersea Marvels to Discovery Cove, SeaWorld

Discovery Cove’s SeaVenture is a walking tour of a beautiful undersea landscape created to provide a once in a lifetime memory. Don’t miss it.

While SeaWorld’s boutique water park opened its newest area, The Grand Reef, back in June, the much anticipated SeaVenture add-on excursion has only been running in soft-opening phase until now. They finally have enough divers and personnel trained to operate at full capacity and invited some of the local media out to experience it first hand. I was happy to be included in that bunch. It’s a good thing that they’ve added capacity because I can tell you that SeaVenture is an experience everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

The walk includes special up close encounters, like this fish feeding.

Okay, there’s one caveat. If you’ve been scuba diving, then you can think about passing on SeaVenture. However, the people I’ve spoken with who have done both say that SeaVenture is still a great experience as you get to just be there without having to worry about time or oxygen or a 60 pound weight on your back. The folks at Discovery Cove really worked hard to make this a natural effortless experience for the participant and that is the big success.

The whole walk happens in this area of the Grand Reef. But it’s a full 20-25 minutes plus another 20 minutes prep-time.

Follow below the jump for a video I filmed while under water and more photos. Plus advice on how to book SeaVenture for yourself:

All your breathing is regulated by redundant systems that have redundancy built in themselves. Plus there are expert divers under water with you and watching from above. I felt completely safe the whole time

You start your tour with a slow descent via these ladders. Someone should have warned me I look like Wilfred Brimley from this angle. So much for going bald naturally.

The helmet itself weighs 75 pounds, hence the wench and assist maneuver seen here.

You never really feel the full weight, however. Once you’re under water it’s only about 15 pounds of weight. But it is enough to keep your feet on the ground.

I filmed the following video with a GoPro provided by SeaWorld for the excursion. I totally recommend bringing your own. It doesn’t conflict with your vision or safety at all. Discovery Cove will also have photographers taking undersea pictures of you on the tou.

SeaVenture is an add-on to your visit to Discovery Cove. To reserve your under the sea tour of the Grand Reef, you can purchase at check-in or, I suggest, you call in a few days before your visit. There are only 100 or so slots available a day. They’re working on adding it to the website as we speak, when they do, every day will likely sell out in advance.

A couple bonus photos now:

The Grand Reef has experiences for all abilities. Even if you only want to go up to your ankles you can still see and have animal encounters.

This beautiful flower awaited the press in the cabana we headquartered in. They’ve added even more cabana’s to the Grand Reef area.

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  2. Discovery Cove is spectacular! Looks like you had a great time. And BTW Wilfred Brimley is a teddy-bear-of-a-guy. Don’t knock it. :-D SEA, I mean SEE, you at Discovery Cove soon!

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