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Club Penguin Spreads to iOS devices with first game

It’s been a while since we checked in with Club Penguin, Disney’s $350 million acquisition aimed at youth around the world. While staying mostly out of the headlines, has continued chugging along with a new group of kids signing on every school year.

A recent change to the game involved the addition of Puffles, which are little creatures that the penguin players treat as pets. A popular game involving the Puffles has been Puffle Launch. Previously it was only available in-game, but now a version of it has been ported to the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The general game play reminds me of any number of addictive flash based games and that’s a good thing. This should keep kids and adults entertained as they try and figure out the challenges to pass each level. Here’s a little preview video:

Take on 24 high speed levels
Get back all the Puffle O’s, dodge obstacles, and seize the fiery prize at the end of every level.

Earn & Transfer virtual coins to your account
Earn tons of virtual coins, and transfer them to your account on the computer!

Blast through the skies with touch controls
Use your multi touch skills to the extreme and blast the daredevil pet puffle through the skies to get the Puffle O’s back!

Challenge the crab boss
Battle the cranky crab and his pesky mechanical claw. Counter his moves with some of your own.

Unlock 3 extreme modes
Take on Time Trial Mode, Turbo Mode, and replay all the levels in Slo-Mo.

Note the app is available now. Download Puffle Launch from Disney for the iOS device for just $0.99. Not a member of Club Penguin? Join today.

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