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What happens to Disney after Aulani

There’s an interesting question that arises with the current struggles Disney is experiencing with Aulani, one of Disney’s first attempts to see if they can build a Disney resort experience without a Disney park nearby. Will it work?

A lot is riding on this project and the screw up that resulted in 3 high level executives being fired is not moving the project toward success. Rick Munarriz at the Motely Fool performs his usual insightful analysis.

With the timeshare business in the middle of a shakeup and companies like AirBNB and Homeaway threatening to disrupt the hotel industry is now the time for Disney to be exploring an expansion of their resort and DVC business lines? It’s one thing to capture the retiring baby-boomers with what is essentially a 40 year contract to return to Walt Disney World with their family on a regular basis. That’s a built in audience. Hawaii already has that and no one I’ve talked to is quite sure exactly what Disney’s Aulani brings to the table to attraction members.