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Disney Parks Chief Is Every Cast Member

I love this little skit from D23 that Ricky Brigante caught and put up on youtube. It shows Disney Parks & Resorts President Tom Staggs doing a variety of cast member jobs as he takes over the position from Jay Rasulo.

Quite funny, huh! It’s stuff like this that makes me think Stagg’s gets it. It might all be an act, but if so, it’s a good one.

5 thoughts on “Disney Parks Chief Is Every Cast Member”

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  3. Funny. When my son and I visited Disneyland for the first time couple years ago, we went on the Welcome to Disneyland Tour. We were the only two people on the tour other than one other guy who looked like he had just removed his coat and tie to join us. Half way through the tour I asked his name and what he did at Disneyland and although he never admited he worked there he chuckled and said his name was Tom and asked how we were enjoying our trip and about our other Disney experiences. A little later he excused himself and left. I asked the Guide who he was and she said “Oh, he’s my new boss”. Several weeks later I saw a news conference with Disney’s new Parks President and there was Tom.

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